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Every individual is so different, so is their sex drive after kids. Especially women who generally have emotions rule their sexual experience. Is there really a fail-proof way to have a genuine desire
There is no fail-proof way plus it is very subjective. I feel that thinking how far you have come as a couple and as a family and the love for each other, will rekindle the romance and feelings :)
No fool proof way like there is no fool proof way to make sure u will agree to a salesman pitch. Rekindle the romance is a good idea. Best if she is given the chance to relax and kids are away or u tw
in my experience, the only fool-proof way to genuinely want to have sex is to rekindle the romance. it is very difficult for our bodies to react the same way after so many hormonal changes. but i
Can you eat foie gras when pregnant? I've been craving but I'm getting mixed comments online. Is it safe?
In moderation, once in a while, I reckon it's okay. Also, it has to be prepared properly and cooked through. On a daily basis, when one is not pregnant, it is NOT recommended to eat too much rich and