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mommy of the strongest baby I've ever known


Postnatal and Baby Essentials

I'm selling these #postnatal and #babyessentials items for 800 pesos only! Lahat po ito ay brand new except yung dalawang side pillows. Inclusion: 1 Baby Bed with Mosquito Net 2 Side Pillow 5 Adult Diaper 100ml Betadine Feminine Wash 1L M2 Malunggay Concentrate (Tea Drink for lactation) 1 pack of Cleene's MAXI Cotton Balls (ideal for baby use - 100 balls) 125ml Johnson's Bedtime Baby Oil 1 thermometer 50g of Enfant Baby Powder with container and cushion 5 packs of Sanicare mini cotton buds (200 buds per pack - perfect for babies) If interested, please PM me in Messenger: Imelyn Elumbra Salvoro #momlife #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Postnatal and Baby Essentials
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