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Hazel Albaña, Philippines

a mum

About Hazel Albaña

I may not be the best or perfect mom in the world, but I m trying to give the best in my abilities to show my kiddos how precious they are to me. We're not rich, but still we manage to give them their needs. I m happy to see other parents raising their kiddos with better life. No time for inggit or bash coz I have my own life, my kiddos are the most precious that i could ever have, cant ask for more.. Motherhood is an amazing journey, salute to all amazing momsh😊
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Thanks for sharing some positive thoughts. 😊
Yes po.. ako nga din eh marami nagsisilabasan na pimples sa mukha pati na rin sa likod ko.. sa hormones po yan
Same here... Haggard while pregnant😐😇
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Same tayo mamsh sa forhead sakin and sa chin. Huhu
im experiencing po ngayon ng super liit na pimples forehead area but ang dami as n. im on my 2nd trimester
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Normal yuuuun.
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Yes pooo
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Yes po.
Yes! Same here. Hahah