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Preggers with little me ?

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Prepare stuff for labor..
Wanted to know mommies that already went for labor.. What did you need to pack for yourself and baby? I like to prepare early.... Just in case.. Thanks!! 😄
Boleh google juga kalau awak dah tahu nak bersalin kat mana . Kalau dapat baca review atau pengalaman orang yang bersalin kat hospital sama macam awak lagi senang . Barang bersalin tu kadang ada orang
Always feels like stomach acid too much
Every night before bed will feel uncomfortable due to the sourness like stomach acid.. If I just ignore and sleep it will slowly go away and be gone. But sometimes too worst until I take
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I feel like sugar-y drinks helped me when i was pregnant. Or not i will take coconut water
Can wr take gaviscon even if where pregnant?