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Hi mamsh! need help sa ginagawa namin video. sana ma comment nyo mga alam nyong superstitious beliefs in pregnancy here in philippines or Filipino Myths about Pregnancy. Thank you
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pag lumindol maligo daw maglagay bg bawang at asin malapit sa higaan
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Hi guys. Halloween party sa opis namin since nsa tummy ko pa si baby. Mga pamangkin ko muna dinala ko. Please support my channel! watch the video, like and subscribe :)
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Momsh I just discovered the media section of our app, it helped me sleep better and even quicker to listen to the calming music 😉 try tonight❣️
working momma night shift
Someone is kicking so wildly in my tummy, I love the way you move inside but please let your momma sleep 😴🤣🤰
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Same sis hahah
Good luck po. Sana hindi shy si baby. Hehe