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Yehey! Dumating na ang order ko sa @shopee_ph.. Shout out to all nanays out there! Here's another acitivity for my Little One.. You might also want to try.. Have you ever heard "Independent Homeschooling"? If not yet.. You may now start researching about it or you can follow some fb group that may help you understand the basic of it like Learning Through Play PH and All Things Nanay for more parenting support., and of course #theAsianParent. Even CJ is only 13months old, I already started to introduced some letters, numbers, and shapes. I do not force him in learning this. We do this with FUN! That is the most important part of it.. At the same time it is our mother and son bonding. Let me share with you my own list or program for my baby's independent homeschooling : 🔸Reading Books 🔸​Sing a song 🔸​Flash Cards ( letter sound, alphabet, numbers, shapes & numbers) 🔸​Hands on activities (sorting, painting, learning folder activity*) 🔹​Body Parts* 🔹​Weather* 🔹​Emotions* 🔸​Free Play "There is no too old, nor too young in learning and education" -- Naynay Belle Flash card price: P22 only per set Shopee #homeschooling #independenthomeschooling #cayleserye #babyactivity #babyactivities #shopee #salamatshopee #allthingsnanayph #learningthroughplaying

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Independent Homeschooling
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