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Nearing Due
Im currently at 39 wks 3 days. Im having very bad back pains for 3 days not going away but i don't feel any extreme contractions tho. Should i be worried?
Over Due
Mummys what will happen if i go beyond my due date? What will doctor likely advice?
Elective C sect or induce
I’m week 40+1 today, still hoping baby come out soon!
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Some mummies specially those with first time delivery do go over their due date. Doctor will access the situation and decide whether to wait or schedule a delivery.
Selling Girls Apparels
Hi i'm selling girls Apparels range frm 4.50-10.00 let me know if your keen! Age frm 1T-14T 😁
👍🏻 thks for sharing
Hospital Charges
Anyone knows NUH charges for class A or B.any deposit needed?
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they will do a financial counselling when u r 28 weeks and above if not wrong.
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Hi... you can get the information you need from the customer care division at NUH
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I think with most hospitals it depends on the est bill size upon admission. You may wish to speak to the admin staff reg this
P1 Registration
Hi mummys need help on this. My boy will be in p1 nxt year so registration are in july. My worries is currently child is under share custody so care n control is under me the father likely will come
Just keep the documents properly... Like copy of your ex spouse IC, Divorce final judgement etc. You will find that on and off on different matters you might need them. Quite annoying but for the conv
Best to check with school. My experience was registering for my Son by myself. I did provide the IC of his father as other parent
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Do confirm with the office but generally only one parent needs to be there during registration.
Only one parent needs to be there. Best to check with school general office on whose name to input.
For my experience, I’m divorced unmarred at that time my Son went into primary 1 which is 3 years ago. I have the care and control and the Father don’t need to be there. I have input his Father as the