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Small Gestational Sac No More!

Hello mommies! Gusto ko lang ishare tong experience ko kasi baka may mga preggy moms who are going through the same condition. Kwentuhan ko kayo ng kaunti.. I just found out I was pregnant on June 12. What's surprising about it is I didn't know I was 8 weeks (2 months) pregnant already! My OB asked me to have an ultrasound that same day to see the status of my womb and the baby inside me. I'm glad she instructed me that kasi the ultrasound says I had small gestational sac. Honestly, I didn't like the look on the sonologist's face when she was telling me that. I was asking her if that was serious pero ang sabi lang nya that it's my OB who would explain it to me. So when I returned to my OB, mas hindi ko nagustuhan reaction nya. Her face dropped when she saw the result of the scan. She gave me some meds, pampakapit, and folic acid. She told me na kailangan daw namin ng maraming prayers. Kung para sa amin daw talaga tong baby, ibibigay raw ni Lord. Upon arriving home, I did a lot of researches about small gestational sac, and it was quite disheartening and so scary kasi very slim (almost none) ang chance of survival ng baby sa ganun. Still I did not lose hope. Araw-araw nilunod ko ang sarili ko with fluid intake -water, buko juice. I asked people for prayers. Then I started feeling sick and weak. 2 weeks later, I was rushed to the hospital for spotting - it wasnt good! Stayed there for good 6 days until it's clear for me to go. My OB put me on strict bed rest. My pregnancy was very difficult with a lot of discomfort! Then yesterday, I was scheduled for a check up. I went for another UTZ. The sonologist looked so surprised kasi raw nagnormal na lahat sakin -baby sac size, amniotic fluid, fetal heart rate, and even si baby! I went back to my OB and upon reading and reviewing the result, this was her reaction: "Praise God! Praise God! Normal na lahat! Akala ko hindi na to.... I am so happy!". This is to give you hope. That if we do the BEST we can for our little one, side by side with faith in God and prayers, all will fall in accordance to God's plan. Praying for all of us - a safe, happy, blissful pregnancy! Easy and blessed delivery. And healthy us and babies! God bless us all! My 14 weeks old baby says hi to all! Ultrasound date: July 25, 2019

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Small Gestational Sac No More!
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