Would you like to enroll US or UK education system for your child?

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Not too sure if you are just referring to just pre-school or education in general. Pre-school, in general, I think is similar in both cases - they promote the same values and development standards in children. But if you are referring to the whole educational process, it really depends on what you're looking for. UK education (Singapore's traditional education system is modelled after the UK's) is, in my opinion, structured in a way that is result-driven and requires a lot of discipline because there are quite a number of exams to get through before getting to university (O-Levels, A-Levels etc). The US system (again just my opinion) encourages more constant assessment for details as it uses the Grade Point Average System (GPA). This would require children to be more consistent in their homework, projects etc if they do not want to risk their GPA. The UK systems is a mostly series of exams so you can be doing badly in the school term and shine during exams if you study really hard. Personally, I would enroll my child to the UK system because I have been through that path and I know what to expect. I feel that the UK system is also more "forgiving" for students who are "late bloomers". For example, a student does badly in his Preliminary Exams but rallies and pulls through for his A-Levels. In the US system, the GPA system would require consistency and a sudden bad grade could ultimately mean messing up your GPA for good and it will be quite difficult to recover from that.

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I would be fine with either, depending on the quality of the schools that are offering it. And it also depends on the kid. There are a variety of choices of curricula and education philosophies in both countries. If we are talking about Singapore, my top choices - for different reasons, of English language schools, were St Josephs International (IPC, IB), SAS, and UWC (IB) when I last researched international schools in detail about five years or so ago.

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I am a fan of the ib system which is the U.S. school system vs the gce or gcse.