Rashes on one week old

Woke up to horror when I saw red rashes all over my infant’s body and face. CN says it’s cos due to sesame oil used in my food? I nvr heard of this before.. #pleasehelp #pleasehelp #advicepls Anyone face this before? What can I do? ( bringing to PD is last resort) My infant is taking fm and bm So far no fever

Rashes on one week old
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It could be heat rash, maybe wear looser clothes and place your infant in a cooling room? In case it’a heat rash - use normal temp water, try to avoid warm water cause it may aggravate the skin. Alternatively, you can try using lovera magic jelly baby! To cool down the skin. If all these dont work or you see no improvement, better to bring to see a dermatologist who specialised is paeds, I know one who works in Mount E Orchard Dr Shanna Ng. You can use CDA if I’m not wrong

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It could be heat rash on NB, you can bring to doctor if it concern you. Meanwhile you can try apply Kodomo Lotion Powder and use mash rompers or light clothing.

looks like baby is too hot. my baby also same. gave him a bath and switch on aircon, its gone now.