Can a Covid-19 positive mother breastfeed the baby?

My wife is confirmed positive and we have 1mo plus newborn.

Can a Covid-19 positive mother breastfeed the baby?
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sharing advice from ogss. you can go to the faq segment and download. q14. COVID-19’S IMPACT ON POSTNATAL CARE 14. Are babies at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 infection? How do I keep my newborn safe? Based on the existing data, babies do not seem to have increased risk for COVID-19 infection. Studies have also shown that the rate of neonatal infection is no greater when the baby remains with the mother or if the baby is breastfed with proper infection control practices in place. Evidence has shown that there is no active replicating virus in the breast milk. Breast milk contains many protective factors against a variety of infections. Hence, COVID-19 positive mothers do not routinely need to separate from their babies, and they can continue with breastfeeding. However, caution must be exercised during breastfeeding to minimise any risk of transmission to the baby, by wearing a mask and maintaining good hand and personal hygiene at all times. In certain situations, mothers may also express their milk to be given to baby by a carer.

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I was still breastfeeding my gal even when she's positive and I'm negative. caught it from her eventually. you just have to take extra precaution if it's the other way round.

You can confirm with dr but i think you can. As the mummy’s breast milk has antibodies that is good for the baby. Best to check w your gynae again

yes, you can. previously i was infected too and i called up KKH and spoke to their lactation officer. she confirms it's safe :)

Update: My wife just came back from the clinic, Raffles Medical. The doctor said she can still breastfeed the baby.

Yesss, can. Baby will get antibodies!