Why should you make sensory bottles?

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Sensory bottle is a type of sensory play, which offers a “hands on” approach to help babies make sense of the world and learn to make different connections through play. It is easy to make with endless number of possibilities and creations. Babies and toddlers could learn through playing with the bottles. Also, it could be calming to some babies. Using different materials, babies could easily be entertained and pick up different associations. They are also suitable for all ages (see this article for some ideas which are related to science for the older children: http://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/5-easy-science-discovery-bottles/) There is really no harm in trying to make one to introduce to your child. Just make sure to seal the cap properly to prevent any “accidents” from happening. :)

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I cannot think of why not actually... if you have the time and you like being creative, a sensory bottle is a great project for both yourself and the kids. A friend of mine in Sweden makes sensory bottles out of recycled items and this also teaches her daughter how to reuse and recycle items. Since sensory bottles can pretty much be whatever you want it to be, it is also a great exercise of imagination. Creating fun, engaging sensory bottle toys for babies and toddlers by using recycled and everyday materials from around the house is reason enough to make them!

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