Bitter taste in mouth

Why do i keep having a bitter taste in my mouth amd whatever i eat doesnt help causing my appetite to be very bad than it already is. Any mummies out there also experience weird/bitter taste in your mouth?#1stimemom

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It’s normal. It’s like a metallic taste in mouth. No matter what you eat.. the after taste is there. Try drinking lemon water to get rid of that after taste. Mine goes away during second trimester.

I don't feel bitter taste but mouth always feels weird I think it's caused by acid reflux. I will always crave for something refreshing like lemon water or fresh fruit juice..

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yes weird taste in my mouth esp during my 2nd pregnancy... ate berries to clear the taste... turns out my 2nd child loves to eat fruits while my firstborn doesnt 😅

It’s normal.. I had it during my first trimester and third such that I couldn’t even drink plain water.. had to drink fruit juice or other sweet drinks

It is normal. I couldn't drink water because of that. have sour food, fruits often

Try the ginger brown sugar, it helps for bloatedness as well..

it s normal. will go away after awhile

It's normal