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At which week did you first feel your baby’s kick/movement ? And what does it actually feel like? In my 14th week, just curious 😅#firsttimemom

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My first kicks was at 15 weeks. I didn’t know what it was at the time but all I knew was I’ve never felt that way before - it felt like a rolling sensation for me and I had the image of a washing machine tumble drying. I was only expecting to experience first kicks second trimester so didn’t think it was the baby and somehow convinced myself it was just gas haha. But I slowly realised it’s not gas cos it just felt too different from gassy tummy.

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I don’t know if I’m weird. But I’ve felt flutters at week 12-13. It’s like a ticklish feeling or as though someone’s blowing bubbles in your womb. It’s different from gas feeling. 😄 first pregnancy btw….

I think I first felt flutters around 24-25 weeks. I’m a first time mom. Now I’m 35 weeks. Baby is kicking and punching like no tomorrow 😂

My first is about 16....omg..the kick is powerful.. At first i thought omg.. So cute.. Now on my 36...omg is painful 😂😂😂

Felt mine at 19 weeks but for first time mummies or some mummies might experience it much later around (20-22 weeks)

You feel baby's kick from 18 weeks onwards subject to individual baby's movement.

Felt my first baby movements at 18 weeks