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Whats the best method to sleep train nb 1mth 3 weeks old? My friend advised me to sleep train my lo with formula at night. So they will sleep longer, so me and husband can sleep longer too but my lo sometimes sleep 2-3 hours only with formula. Almost same as breastfeeding. Am i doing it a right way to sleep train him using formula or is there other ways? I do not want to try putting him to cry to sleep. -.- #theasianparentph Example: 1130pm formula 230am latch 5am latch 730am breastmilk stored in the chiller

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i guess when your friend said sleep train with formula, it means to give formula milk for all night feeds including 2am and 5am. i tried to give formula at night and it seems that baby sleeps a little bit longer. but i read articles before that there is no difference between formula or breastmilk at night. it is common for baby at 1 month to wake up so often at night for milk. after eating solids at 6 months, you will see a noticeable difference - baby can sleep longer without milk

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