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What secondhand baby products have you mummies bought, or are comfortable with buying? Like for example are you okay to buy used strollers, cots, feeding chairs from Carousell? #firstbaby #1stimemom

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I only got some baby clothes second hand since babies will grow out of them fast. I prefer to get most other items new but I do look for sales so most things are affordable. I have a friend who got their baby cot and stroller secondhand but make sure to wash and clean them well before use. Car seat is best to get new as baby's safety is most important. If you really want to get second hand, remember to check expiry date and ask previous owner if there ever had been an accident before with the car seat in the car (whether the baby is in or not, and even minor ones).

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im a FTM too and bought alot of items secondhand on carousell but most are rarely used and still in good condition! (bought 2 cots, 2 strollers, bouncer, carseat, playpen etc). i think ppl tend to buy new but their babies end up not liking. find the ones with good value and you're only using for awhile as they outgrow quickly haha

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I got a second hand cot (I bought new bedsheets though) from a friend as well as some baby clothes. Car seat best to buy new ones as they come with warranty (safety is very important!). I’m a FTM as well so i’d prefer to get everything new. :)

baby cot! and some baby clothes ( altho i still buy some) some relatives pass me a baby carrier and a walking pram which i doubt im using it.

i bought a secondhand cot, milk warmer and sterilizer on carousell, all of them look new and good condition, cheap as well.

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For secondhand baby products, it's okay to buy strollers, baby's carset and feeding chairs. #TAPsupermoms