What is the difference in contents of organic hair and skin products as compared to those that are not organic? What classifies them as organic? Is it better to use them?

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Organic which usually refers to organic produce are from cleaner farming practises which does not involve or restricts the amount and type of pesticides and fertilisers used in the farming process. It is usually processed without the use of irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.However the definition internationally is different and there isn't any institution to govern the practice. However, you have to be careful as only if 95% of the content is organic then it is really considered organic. So far the research on the benefits of organic stuff is more towards to food, and not so much of into hair/skin products and even on the food level, the findings are not conclusive, with some saying it is beneficial and some say not really. Therefore, I don't think that organic should be the reason that you buy a certain hair/skincare product - since in the making of the product, I believe many other things have been added - thus not really organic anymore

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