Fetal growth at 32 weeks.

Hi ! Went to gynae yesterday. She told me that baby somehow abit small for 32 weeks of pregnancy.. normal percentile for fetal growth is 10% but i was at the 9% range and had re scheduled me for another scan in 3 weeks time. If no improvement they will arrange an induced labour for me. Is it even neccessary? Im so worried and have been thinking about this till i could not sleep well. Any mummies have experience this? Tips pls. #advicepls #firstbaby #worryingmom

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I don’t think there is a need to induce so early tho… unless baby is in distress or there’s any other underlying conditions then that’s a different case. I know nothing about percentile tbh, but my baby was on the smaller side, induced at week 40 due to low fluid, 2.6kg. Your gynae only advised induce? Maybe you want to seek for 2nd opinion?

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6mo ago

thank you for the tips .. much appreciated!