8 weeks and no yolk found inside gestation sac. Should I be prepared for the worst?

Went for check up last week at wk7 the doc said possible miscarriage or it too early pregnancy that couldn’t see the yolk inside the amniotic sac. So told me to come back this week. I am now wk8 but result was same as last week. She told me to be prepared for the worst. However she gave me two weeks and we will do one final scan before deciding the next move. Is there anyone who experience this? #miscarriage #firstbaby

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i’m sorry to hear that... my experience was i did my scan around week 11 and confirmed anembryonic. but you might still stand a chance, have faith!

2y ago

How was your result? It’s happening to me.. no yolk sac at week 8.. feeling pessimistic..