How bad can it be?

Just went for my 29 weeks scan, my o&b mentioned in every checkup, "baby is chubby" "baby is fat". 29 weeks 1500gram I'm already on no carb diet due to Gestational Diabetes, dunno how much more can I cut on my diet. My endocrinologist want to add carb starting from today with insulin jabs. #gestionaldiabetics Will be doing elective c sec as my previous pregnancies all c sec baby too big But this baby is much bigger, perhaps due to GD #bigbaby

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I also have GD and my baby at wk 28 1.1, wk 32 was 1.8.. my gynae also said big. At wk 35 baby was 2.1 n wk 36 was 2.35 😂 i also dont have much carbs. I dun take rice, beehoon all that.. i guess for mine mainly potatoes for carbs else yams.. smtimes also no carbs which my endocrinologist also worry i not eating enuf n wanted me go on insulin which eventually didnt because my readings are pretty stable. Anyw at my last wk check gynae didnt say baby is big anymore...

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