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Week 26 but it feels like I’m almost at the end. Pelvis pain and groin area making it really hard to walk today. Any ideas how I can relieve the pain?

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I can totally relate to this! I had severe pelvic pain since my 2nd trimester which I have never felt before with my other pregnancies. Had a super hard time getting out of bed, my husband or my son had to slowly pull me up, putting my pants was even painful! Had to sit to put it on. And walking was really a hassle! But I was still active despite the pain for easy dilation. And I can't even stand for too long. All the housechores had to pass to my husband and kids to help. Pre natal massage does not even helped me. But the pain totally went away when I gave birth to my baby.

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10mo ago

Yeah husb’s doing most of the chores. I get you, walking and standing too long hurts but we gotta do it for the baby. Haha you’re a strong mummy. 💪

Super Mum

Oh man… I totally relate. I was in so much pain throughout the third trimester. I don’t have any remedies to help relieve the pain though. Hang in there!

Had the same thing. I would recommend pre natal massage.. It really helps alot! :)

10mo ago

Looking forward to this. I’m getting one later. Really hope it helps.