Was your pregnancy...

An accident?

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3 times. 3 pregnancy all accident

Si 1st baby was accident she is 4years old na . And my hubby is ofw in taiwan 3years sya dun nung umuwi sya last year dec.10 nag plano kami na mag try mag conceive ng baby and were bless naman na na conceive sya and I’m 15weeks pregnant

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We have been trying for two year but it still was a nice surprise just because how long we were trying

First pregnancy was planned. This time it was a surprise. :)

I have 2, it was both a pleasant accident hahaha one is 2 years while the other one is 10 weeks now

It's planned

First was an accident, but we were already engaged so not that big of a deal. This baby due in Feb was planned.

first was an accident , second was planned. now its time to rest for a while.

It was an accident in my opinion but according to husband, it was planned. Haha! But well, we have 1 boy and 1 girl now...So our family is perfect. Hence, it was a pleasant accident for no. 2

I have 5 boys now