I wanna have a second child

It took me 4 years to have a child . I was a smoke before giving birth to my beautiful daughter , i stopped smoking 2 months while i was pregnant . And started back after i give birth , once i give birth , my breast was not producing enough milk so i had to formula feed. Now that im a smoker again , and my daughter is 2 years old .. I want another baby but i dont know , how to conceive the fastest way possible .. Any idea anyone ? #pleasehelp #advicepls #1stimemom #pregnancy #firstbaby #firsttimemom

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There's no fastest way to conceive. It really depends on your ovulation, your eggs and how healthy your partner's sperms are. Also your health plays a part. I was also a smoker. Tried 2 yrs for another child (my youngest was 8 yrs old at that time). Got pregnant but sadly it ended up in a miscarriage. I grieve for a yr before I decided to TTC again. Got pregnant again and I immediately stopped smoking the moment I found out I was pregnant and I self bed rest until I was almost into my 2nd trimester. Gave birth to my rainbow 3 mths ago.

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3y ago

i am pregnant now ! just found out ! thank you people !!!!