Week 29 having Braxton Hicks

Is it too early to experience Braxton Hicks? Everyday I having the symptoms since 28 weeks onwards. And usually lasted 4-5 hrs intermittently. When it happen , it makes me so hard to continue to walk or remain standing. I tried to consult my Gynae (I'm subsidised patient), she just simply tell me to take panadol if pain. I was afraid is it related to my work (I'm healthcare workers). Will it cause early labor if never take attention about it? Anyone experience this and required close monitoring? #firstbaby #braxtonhicks

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Very normal.. I experience it everyday since week 32 until week 37 when I gave birth. Just lie down or sit down and rest when you feel painful as the pain will be gone soon. If you’re afraid of early labour because you need to walk or stand a lot, better take leave earlier to rest more

2mo ago

Wow that’s good! Have a good rest during this one month. Btw I heard it’s not easy to get HL since you’re a subsidised patient. How did you manage to get? I was a subsidised patient too.