My first Skool

Hey there moms!! I'm super duper excited that my 20 month old is starting school next month!! Initially applied N1 for him 2023 but got lucky when centre called me if I'm interested in a placement this April 😅 So of course , me and hubs took the opportunity to send toddler to school (mainly to let him be independent and learn new things?) Soooo my concern is .... I've never been separated from my son and I'm not sure how he will deal with going to school. What should I expect? Any advises that are practical for me? Are there any questions that I should ask the teachers? What are your experiences when your toddler's first started school? 😅Also, what are the lists of things I should pack? How did you prepare toddler for school? I'm currently in the process of re training him back to sleep earlier ( around 9/10pm latest) , what time does your toddler sleep on a daily basis? 🤔 If I had missed out anything, do comment. Sorry for the many questions 😂 I'm just an overly excited momma #advicepls #1stimemom #firstborn

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Super Mum

I think main thing is to get him into a regular sleep/nap routine. Preschool nap time is usually about 1-3pm. First few weeks of going to school, expect crying and kicking and protest 😅. It’s heartbreaking to watch so it’s going to take some will power let them go despite the protests. He will eventually get used to it but it takes time. Be ready for him to fall sick more often in the first 6 months to a year. It should stabilize after that. The school usually provides a packing list which will include extra clothes, towel, diapers and milk powder Jia you!

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