Poop after every feed

Hi there! I would like to ask.. My LO recently poop after every feed (FM) ever since I change her FM to Similac Stage 2.. Her poop looks diarrhea-like.. I did try to change her to Dugro Soy, still the same.. Tried giving her Smecta & LactaFort, also still the same.. Initially, she had no issues when it was in Stage 1.. Active as usual.. Eat some solids like rice, bread, egg tofu, carrot, chicken.. Should I worry? This has been ongoing for 3-4 days, I think.. #help

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How old is your baby? It can be diarrhea or It may happen due to the change of formula. Stop giving formula for day or to and monitor

2y ago

She's turning 10mths.. Only noticed the change when her FM got "upgraded" to Stage 2..