Suddenly my LO seem attached to my breast and refused bottle feeding. How to make him drink with bottle as I am going back to work soon.

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mine also like that for 2 times, first time is between 3-5 months, my MIL have to tried everyday to feed her with bottle, and every lunch time I hv to go home to bf her, I tried many types of bottle nipple but in the end return to medela bottle, haven't tried mimijumi/comotomo though. then around 12-14 months she act again, bcos I change the milk brand, she refuse bottle again but by that time she already have solids so I'm not too worry, after that I sent my maid home and send her to infantcare, and switch back to the first milk brand she drank, miraculously she drink the milk from bottle on her 1st day at IFC (but only at the IFC, at home still refuse drink from bottle for few months), maybe too hungry waiting for the feeding time there 😂.

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