Suddenly my LO seem attached to my breast and refused bottle feeding. How to make him drink with bottle as I am going back to work soon.

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Super Mum

Very common issue. Early success doesn't mean a guarentee that baby will always take from bottle. Breastfeeding is warm, cozy, and involves his favorite person which is you- his mum. This is the reason why he is resisting to take milk from bottle after trying it. Babies are really smart actually, sometimes they know they can get your boobs as long as they persist long enough. You just have to persevere. Like what I mentioned, have someone else to feed and you just stay away. Once your baby sees or smells you, might be harder for him to drink from bottle. All the best to you!

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3y ago

He dont cry even though he is hungry because he knows i will offer him bottle. Should I ignore or give him my breast. In the day i am taking care of him myself