2mth old baby can't sleep during day

It started on week 5-6 where our baby once wake up at 12pm for her feed, she can't get to sleep for the whole afternoon until late evening, recently these few days it dragged until 10pm. Means baby is awake for like 8-10 hours straight! Is this normal for a 2 month old baby? Keep fussing and wanting us to carry etc. When she fall asleep in our arms she seems fine but when put her down in her cot she start to cry and we are so drained and exhausted, night time she can sleep for 5-6 hours straight before she wakes up crying for milk/diaper change. Appetite grew bigger as she is on formula feeding, max is 150ml per feed, normal feed is 120ml and sometimes will want more after a 120ml feed, poop and pee normal. Thanks in advance, #firstbaby #advicepls First-time dad

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I was having the same issue. My baby is now 2 months 10 days and was fussing. He's obviously sleepy but refuse to sleep on his own, need to carry, coax. Sometimes, I can't even sit, he wants me to carry him and walk around. Once placed down, he will cry and whine. Tiring for parents and also worrying if they are getting enough sleep to develop. Its getting better now with the baby sarong I bought. I will put him in and he will sleep better. Once I see that he is deeply asleep, I will carry him out and put him in the cot. Works for me. I'm able to do housework and get rested. As for the feed amount, my son is on the same range too. Don't worry, they are smart little people, once full, they will turn away or stick out their tongue (mine does!). As long as they are not vomiting, poop and pee normal then it's okay. FYI - I checked with the PD and so I'm assured that the feed amount is fine. 😊

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hey Kathy, thanks for your reply and I'm glad that I'm not the only one going through this, may I know does your baby wakes up suddenly even though you have put him down and think he might be in deep sleep already? sometimes we do, and have to repeat the process to soothe her and finding the process tideous. May I know what is that baby sarong ?? I tried putting her in lillebaby carrier when we went for our appointment at KKH, she slept through the whole journey, to and fro. so I'm thinking to ask my wife to wear carrier at home during weekdays while I'm at work, so she can do her daily stuffs while ensuring baby is able to sleep