2mth old baby can't sleep during day

It started on week 5-6 where our baby once wake up at 12pm for her feed, she can't get to sleep for the whole afternoon until late evening, recently these few days it dragged until 10pm. Means baby is awake for like 8-10 hours straight! Is this normal for a 2 month old baby? Keep fussing and wanting us to carry etc. When she fall asleep in our arms she seems fine but when put her down in her cot she start to cry and we are so drained and exhausted, night time she can sleep for 5-6 hours straight before she wakes up crying for milk/diaper change. Appetite grew bigger as she is on formula feeding, max is 150ml per feed, normal feed is 120ml and sometimes will want more after a 120ml feed, poop and pee normal. Thanks in advance, #firstbaby #advicepls First-time dad

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2 month old needs a lot of sleep. wake time of 8h is too long. my 9 month baby only has maximum wake time of around 5h. at 2 month, baby has not learn to fall asleep independently and needs help. keep swaddling and have a short nap routine so that baby get used and know it is time to rest.