Period when exclusively breastfeeding

My son just turned 2 months and I'm about 9 weeks pp and I exclusively breastfeed him (aside from 2 weeks when he was in the NICU/Special care where I was exclusively pumping since he was born at 33 weeks). Is it normal for my period to come back so quickly? I nurse him for all his feeds and I am with him 24/7. I thought breastfeeding was supposed to delay our period? #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Not everyone period will delay! My period back to normal 2 months pp also! It’s normal!

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Oh my god my baby was worsee She pukes after every feed by every feed I mean EVERY feed I don’t want how many times have I changed bedsheet and how much kitchen towels I’ve used in 6 months but yes you get it! Just imagine a puking baby every feed make you dread feeding! No matter latch 30s or 10 mins also vomit like merlion!! There was one period my baby hated my right boob! The moment I face her to the boobs she screams! So what I do is latch on the other boob until she milk drowsy I faster switch side cause I’m exclusively breastfeeding I dont pump so yeah trick her lor