Braxton Hicks at 37 weeks

Hi mummies, anyone experienced very strong Braxton Hicks close to end of pregnancy? I’ve been experiencing braxton hicks since 36 weeks and now that I’m entering 38 weeks, it’s getting more and more intense and often.

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Please call your hospital's delivery suite to let them know. They'll advice you whether you'll need to come down or just monitor. I knew the difference between braxton hicks and contractions as I've had multiple pregnancies before. Had an intense and very, very frequent but not painful, which I thought was braxton hicks but turns out I was actually having a constant contractions.

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4mo ago

It was the same everyday. I started to feel like that around late second trimester. Like every 2 mins and very tightening feeling unlike the normal feeling of BH but it was not painful at all so I brushed it off and thought it's just that. I end up with a preterm labour.