Baby liquid cleanser

Can share which brand of baby liquid cleanser you all are using? Anyone using pureen? Initially i use biohome seems fine but have to buy online as my hse nearby the fairprice dun sell ✨ I got pigeon liquid cleanser from some freebies but walau wash already still smelly and no foam!

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No foam is good. The foam from lathering usually means there is some form of chemical inside. Example : if you get a organic bodywash, there will be little or no foam as well, as there would be minimal chemicals and no sulphate / parabens. Just my 2 cents..

2mo ago

Ah actually makes sense!

Pureen green is good! I usually pump a lil bit and soak the bottles for a few minutes and the milk residues washes off very easily.

Pigeon is good, it can only get foamy on good and not too soft sponges. I am not sure why yours was smelly but it's not supposed to smell

2mo ago

I had a hard time getting something like the yellow sponge foamy. Only managed to make it foamy with a few big pumps of the cleansing liquid. And yes, smelly because didn't used enough 😅

i use before tollyjoy and pureen and i think tollyjoy is better. less than one pump can wash 3 milk bottles, super clean afterwards😁

2mo ago

im using the pink one


i alternate btw kodomo, pigeon, pureen, tollijoy from time to time

I use pureen. Clean bottles well

pureen is good! i use orange..

We use Pigeon!

I use tollyjoy

pigeon is quite good

2mo ago

foam one. it's good as it really clears up the milk stains around the bottle cap. you should try it