Low amniotic fluid on first trimester...

Just seen my gynae and was told my water bag is small for my baby. My baby is w8 and the water bag is at w7. 50% chance of miscarriage and if so will happen these 2 to 3 weeks to come. 😭 I was told to drink more water and pray. Googled about it and yeah it seems like more like a case of loss.. 😔 Any remedy or tips? Things to take note of? #firsttimemom #advicepls #lowamnioticfluid

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For me, baby is growing too slow so dr say more likely to miscarry either naturally or need to decide how after confirmation by next appointment. Good luck to both of us. :(

3mo ago

Oh dear. 😵😵😭😭 Praying for you too! ❤️

I had low fluid in 2nd trimester.. was on bed rest n had to drink lots of water according to gynae for a mth

3mo ago

Was it much better? But my case is just early stage :(