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Any reviews on Bellamy organic? Baby have very bad gas and reflux after drinking NAN

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my baby is drinking bellamy. its actually very good. we bought him this brand when he came home.. then decided to change to enfamil pro a+ after he finished. but he didnt adjust well to enfamil. had diaorhea, colicky and even develop white spot on his tongue and gums. we then switch back to bellamy and he was fine again. the white spots even fade away. so i think bellamy is by far the best altho it is quite pricey. hope this helps!

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2y ago

Hi! Thanks for your reply! Previously she was on kendamil when she came home and we find that it’s too thick for her. So we changed to NAN. But find that she is very gassy while being on NAN. Currently on mix formula for both till she can accept full bellamy! Thanks for the input:)