Anyone uses handsfree pump like imani or baby express befree as their primary pump?

Is it recommended to use hands free pump as primary pump? Kinda put off by the thought of being stuck to a machine for couple of hours a day while pumping at home. Also does anyone have comparison of the imani and befree?

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I previously use BeMine dual (with tubes) & I yield 45-90ML max and once I start pumping I have to be stationary. After confinement I’m the main caretaker of my LO hence I needed my hands so I tried BeFree. My first pump with Befree, I managed to pump 180ML! It’s my primary pump now & im pumping 180~240ML / 5.5 hourly.

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2mo ago

Actually most of them would probably say a handsfree will not be able to clear as well compared to those with tubes (because you get to massage while pumping whereas handsfree you just let it do it’s own), I wouldn’t disagree on this but I find that it depends on individual 😃 Anyway if you wanna try spectra, spectra S1 is well loved among mummies & also recommended by my breast massage lady. I’ve never use it before so I can’t really review.