Shoes for 12 to 18 months old baby

Any recommended brands or shops? Brand not important, important is the shoe is light and comfortable with thick undersole, planning ahead for our baby whom haven't learn how to walk.

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For baby who is learning how to walk, best to learn to walk barefoot. If you really need a footwear for outdoor activities, socks and shoes with thin soles are better for them. They need to be able to feel the ground as they learn to walk.

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I got the shoe from taobao cos they outgrown so fast. I only got a Adidas sport shoe for my girl when we're going out. very light and good. sandals usually just taobao. 1 pair usually wear 3 month outgrown already

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I got from various places! You can DM me at my IG @theZgwynnes I’m letting got of my baby shoes some Unused at a fraction of the original price I got ❤️❤️❤️

look at this maybe you can get interested

I'm using online platform from raf raf and two little feets

I got mine in shopee

Crocs! comfortable.

Thank you all 🙏

try Decathlon

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