Postnatal massage

Any recommendations for malay postnatal massage ?

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Try pamper me jamu wellness if you looking at 10 sessions as they have 1 session free and comes down to $82 per session only. Check out their IG for prices and more info and testimonials. I only need 7 sessions so I signed up for TRanquil massage by Nora

I have a malay masseuse. Mas 90261136. Her rates are lower than the rest i've researched. She goes to your place and will provide everything but a bed to massage on. Very informative and wont try to sell you more sessions.

M.wellness, price is considered lower than most. Their service I find it pretty good, accommodating to request & I'm lucky that they assigned a really good masseur to me.

9mo ago

Is it? Cause mine is not acupuncture, I feel it's a little mix here and there as my masseur do know acupuncture point so she did help me to press on certain point (this is an extra service from her).

Can find Tranquil Massage By Nora in Instagram. Very, very good massage! Helps with my mastitis too. They use double binder so slimmer faster.

9mo ago

No prob EL W! You're gonna truly enjoy the massage. They have 3 masseuse. I got the one with the name 'Yanti'.

Thanks ! But I couldn’t find her name on IG

9mo ago

Oh, they've changed their IG name. Screenshot this for you.

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You can try 😊

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