Can anyone recommend a good baby ed doctor near punggol/sengkang/hougang area?

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Most of the posts here are outdated. For parents who are looking for PDs, do try out my mobile app PdGoWhere to search and locate available paediatricians. Full disclosure: App development is purely a hobby and the app is free and not for profit! Do search for PdGoWhere in the app stores or use the links below. Google Play Store Apple App Store

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I also brought my girl to Dr Allyson Tan at Kidsclinic. You can call to book appointment on the day itself and they will call you abt an hour before your turn so you can make your way down to register. Long wait if no prior appt but at least no need to wait aimlessly in the clinic as they will call you when nearer ur turn.

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Dr Kenneth is a very sincere PD who is very careful with every visit. You can find him at waterway point. If you want to look for a GP, dr Lam (Etern medical) at Punggol MRT station is good too. He treats toddlers too. His clinic is equipped to do quite a lot.

How about Dr Allyson Tan / Dr Lillian Lim from The Kids Clinic at Rivervale Mall (sengkang)? They're very popular so waiting time could be long sometimes.

The kids clinic at rivervale mall, but you have to go early in the morning to get the q. Normally about 11am the q for the day will all be taken up.

You can try Dr Grace Lin from the Thomson Paediatric Centre at Serangoon. She is very pro-breastfeeding too if you are a breastfeeding Mommy.

Dr Allyson Tan from Kidsclinic at Rivervale Mall. Long wait though but she is good.

Did you mean Pd? You can try SBCC hougang. Dr Kenneth is nice and attentive.

7y ago

he's no longer at sbcc hougang. now at waterway pt Thomson paediatric