It is we really need organic food? Sometime heard my family and friends or Website say, organic food expensive, than when you buy and eat also don't know this is real organic or just normal food, this must see the company because this must put the heart business. Than we buy it is need find the company got government approve one more safe?Thanks!

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More important to eat more fruits and vegetables vs wondering if it is organic or not. The main benefit of organic food is that it has less pesticide for your kids. Research has shown that pesticide residues were found in 7 percent of organic foods and 38 percent of conventional foods. An increasing amount of studies suggest that even minuscule amounts of pesticides can wreak havoc on the developing body — resulting in hormone problems, learning disabilities, and possibly autism. The damage might even be felt across future generations. So if you can, feed your baby organic, but rest of family can eat normal food :)

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Not for adults. Not important. But for kids. Our body and brain grow faster from birth to age 3 than at any other time. if you're going to pick only one time to go organic, it should be from conception to age 3.