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Any pregnant mummies fasting during ramadhan? Im in 15th week and trying my best to fast but i keep getting weak and headache by afternoon 😭 #firsttimemom

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If you are not able to fast, do not fast. Baby and you need the nutrients, vitamins, etc. Hence, if you are feeling weak, tired, dizzy you should not be fasting. We don't make it a "must" to fast when we are pregnant unless you can. Remember "jangan memudaratkan badan atau kandungan". We can always qadha and fidyah once we give birth to make up for the days you are not fasting. You may read on this article to find out more :

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Hello! i’m currently 15 weeks and is unable to fast. My tummy gets super painful whenever i get hungry, so i have to constantly snack or eat small portioned meals throughout the day. don’t worry if you can’t fast, Islam is simple and has given us pregnant mummies leniency on this. pregnancy is already hard, don’t make it harder on yourself. Take care alright? ☺️

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Hi 👋, I’m at my 20weeks plus now. Alhamdulillah I’m fasting from the start of the ramadhan till now. So far alhamdulillah I’m doing ok, I normally eat 3 dates, cup of milk and zam zam water and it last me till break fast. Maybe you wanna try out? Just sharing…😊😁

i am at 29 weeks and not fasting.. i would rather qadha my fast once given birth instead of putting any risk to my baby as they need the most nutrients now.. if u can tahan, good but if cannot then please dont force yourself..

Alhamdullillah, am at 17wks and able to fast... Just don't push yrself if you can't fast,k... Most impt is baby's health... If u fast & feel weak + headache, don't continue... It might affect both u & baby's health...

I am in my 28wks and currently fasting too frm day-1. Alhamdulillah. So far I'm good. Don't push yourself too hard, if you feel like you're not able to, then by all means to break your fast. ((: #firsttimemomtoo You may refer to this talk for more information on fasting during pregnancy hope it helps