#pregnancy #advicepls #momcommunity my gynae got my urine results and I had this , can u advice me please is this serious ? Im 10 weeks now

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I have both. Haemoturia is blood in the urine while proteinuria is excess protein in the urine. Been having haemoturia for quite long way before I got pregnant. There's always blood which can't be seen but under microscope everytime I take the urine test. Not sure of the cause yet cos I actually had an appointment for that with x-ray until I fell pregnant. I have kidney stones on both sides & had some imflammation on my kidney so not sure if that's the cause. Proteinuria can lead to pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. I was free of that cos my blood pressure all is normal. You might want to check again with your gynae. I had to come back 2 days later after my pre natal appointment last month for another urine test. Will be seeing my gynae in 10 days time for the result if I needed any medication.

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3y ago

Yes about 2-3 yrs before i got pregnant