Any parents here place their child in kinderland at MOE building ? Any review? Or u have frens who place their child there? Any review?

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My experience is in 2015 - so take with a pinch of salt. I went to look at Kinderland at moe after they had took over Learning vision. I heard really good reviews abt learning vision and presume if kinderland took over it must be of a good standard. but that's not true. During my visit there, I saw kids crying unattended. They were not doing what was shown on the timetable shown at the centre. The kids also looked spaced out. There were a few unhappy kids in separate classes who looked visibly upset. JTS my experience.

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6y ago

Thanks for your feedback .. I read online reviews too and they weren't v fantastic too .. Think I'll visit the centre to take a look too ! Thanks ! :)