Sunflower preschool at Pasir Ris

Hello parents, anyone sent their kids to sunflower preschool IFC? Just sent my 5 months old baby and already have so many problems.

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Hello I just sent my 3.5 months old to Sunflower (but not Pasir Ris) and have been encountering problems too. First and foremost they are not patient enough. One of the teachers straight up told me my LO couldn’t adapt to IFC on the first day of her second week and would need to send her back if LO is not drinking her milk fully. She also implied I didn’t bond with my child and did not do routine care such as feeding and changing diapers at home 🙃

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Hi mummy. Just wondering, hows the school at Pasir Ris? Thinking of sending my LO there but I couldnt get much reviews.

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Hi mommy! Oh dear, do share what kinda problems.