Keep gagging throughout the day

Is it normal to keep gagging throughout the day?? I don't vomit but I feel nauseous and just keep gagging, when I'm hungry it's worse. But after I eat also same, not sure if I'm hungry or what. #advicepls #1stimemom

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Me too! It wasnt just specific to morning. But the entire day. I asked doc for medicine. Much much better now. When I’m hungry, I nibble to ensure I don overeat. Honestly I tried 100 but the gas made it worse. I found milk (1/5) glass helps.

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6mo ago

With doc meds yes. I stop having that vomit feel. I’m at 6 weeks. Was suffering at week 4-5. So I raise white flag and asked doc for help.

Probably just morning sickness. Had the same symptoms during first trimester. Just eat in smaller meals, snack when you need to. Alternatively you can try sipping 100+ :)

6mo ago

yeah so far can tahan but im either forcing myself to burp or I end up just gagging 😢 haha good to hear it gets better!!