Yellow discharge.

Hi! Is it normal to have pale/yellow discharge during first trimester? Like it comes and goes. How to prevent it other than medication? Kinda worried and wondering why .. need some advice and really need to know if am not alone experiencing this 😩

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I had mild discharge after I pee since first trimester. Gradually increases. Second trimester slightly more but not as watery as third trimester. Third trimester my discharge increases and became so frequent even without peeing. Just wear a liner and change it frequently to prevent infections :) You’ll get used to it overtime.

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Hello, pale and yellow discharge is normal, and will be more than usual due to hormonal changes. For me, I just change my liner frequently. But if you have greenish discharge, pls let ur gynae know as it is a sign of possible infection.

2mo ago

Yup, apparently it will/might stay throughout entire pregnancy. Def more watery than sticky. Just entered second tri. Jiayou!

my discharge has always been pale yellow. my gynae checked and said there's nothing wrong. I'm 28 weeks now and it's still pale yellow lol