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Is it normal for an appointment to check for baby's heartbeat but to not see baby on the ultrasound? It is my 16th week appointment today and a bit down not being able to see baby's physical progress on screen. But i am very thankful to be able to hear a strong heartbeat, nonetheless ☺️ So i am wondering if it is normal for subsidised patients to experience the above? As i asked a few friends who was under private in KKH and all said that all their appointments had both ultrasound + check for heartbeat. For my 12th week appointment, i was able to see baby on ultrasound but sonographer did not check for heartbeat, maybe understandably so as might be too early to check for heartbeat. Just a little confused now heh. Apologies for the long post!! #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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I'm under subsidy patience at NUH for first child and KKH for second child. For my second child as of now I received sonogram at 7 weeks as I was at A&E hence they wanted to do ultrasound then subsequently at 9 weeks also for same reason and next upcoming will be at 21 weeks for my normal check up and ultrasound. I'm the same as you at 16 weeks only to hear heartbeat but no ultrasound. As far as I know for subsidy patience will be like that unless under private. Not too sure if you can request and if any extra charges incurred.

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3mo ago

Ur most welcome ❤

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Hi I’m currently 16 weeks at kkh sub too. All my visit has ultrasound and all being charged extra $19.50 for that too. I never get to hear heart beat only show me on the screen. I was at epau at 7 weeks, 9 weeks appt in the doctor room, 12 weeks did FTS then a few days later went a&e again. and just at 15 weeks scan again at doctor room again but a different doctor as my doctor on leave. All visit ultrasound was done and was charged $. Maybe ur baby is doing well that why not ultrasound so often.

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I’m under NUH private. Ist scan and 2nd scan only ultrasound n doc only said see the heart beating. Even when I do NT scan at wk 11 aso no hear but can see baby kicking actively haa Only at wk 13 when collect report then doc let me hear heartbeat but then no scan. I think as long as doc see all is gd so be fine. The heartbeat scan shld be using Doppler? didn’t charge me though but everytime ultrascan will charge. Don’t worry all be fine :)

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Currently week 14. My first scan was on week6. Didnt get to hear HB during scan only see it flickering on screen. 2nd scan was 5 weeks later on week11. Same as first scan got ultrasound but cannt hear HB. I was supposed to go back next week. But i realise that there is no appt scheduled to go AMC for ultrasound i was puzzled also.

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3mo ago

Yes, i had no appointment scheduled under AMC too for today. A bit puzzling! I guess its a norm for subsidised patients. But i guess as long as baby's heartbeat is visibly strong, he/she's all good ☺️

Same for SGH as well. Under subsidized (for my first 2 kids), only have ultrasound for the critical weeks. Other times would be heartbeat check. For my 3rd pregnancy I chose private SGH, my doctor did ultrasound in his room for almost every visit.

Hii I’m under KKH sub too. 37 weeks now. It’s very normal! I was abit disappointed too when she only checked heart beat for the one/two session I went down but oh well :) it’s all good.


yes it normal.... The first scan to see baby on screen around 8 weeks then follow by ADC scan on 20 weeks then 24 weeks the in-between will be just hearing baby's heartbeat mummy....

Yes, its normal. After 16 weeks checkup, will be 20weeks. Then 24 weeks. 20 weeks will be detailed scan for baby and knowing the gender

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And im subsidise under KKH. hehe

For kkh sub, only have ultrasound on alternate visit. They alternate with one listen to heartbeat and one ultrasound.

3mo ago

Thank you! Very useful info :)

Under subsidised they won’t do the ultrasound every visit… they will do a growth scan sometime week 28?

3mo ago

Thank you!