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Need advice. When is the best time to take booster shot during pregnancy? I am thinking of only taking the booster when I am at trimester 2. Anyone take booster while pregnant? Can share your experience and advice with me? #vaccination #booster

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I took my booster at 16 weeks after the thumbs up from my gynae. Had side effects like other non-pregnant people (soreness, fever) but recovered after 2 days. I’m glad I took it then instead of listening to some people (not medically trained) who adviced me to take after delivery. The soreness was terrible I couldn’t even lift my arm. I wondered how I would take care of baby if I had taken my booster after delivering her.

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I don’t think there’s a good or bad time, but more of what you’re comfortable with. I took my booster (Moderna) at 27 weeks. Only had sore arms and a slight headache that was manageable without medication. I’m at 35 weeks now and baby is doing well and moving as usual. Would strongly encourage you to take the booster though. My husband was Covid positive at 30 weeks, but I was fine even when we shared the space.

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I took my booster when I'm in my 3rd trimester. All 3 jabs were moderna for me. Had slight fever and body aches after my booster. Slept it off without taking any meds and recovered overnight. I would rather take it to be safe than risk to be infected with worse side effects... as per past mommies' post on the same topic, seems like gynae usually recommend taking booster from 2nd trimester onwards.

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a lot of mummies have gone through the vaccination with no complications, it’s not a new practice. the side effects has lesser complications on you and baby compared to covid complications on you and the baby.. you don’t want to risk your pregnancy right. best to take trim 2 onwards

I took my booster shot at 18 weeks. My gyane advised that it's safe to do so. He recommended that I take Pfizer (my first two shots were Moderna) because of lesser side effects plus it's approved for kids. Anyway I don't have any side effects from all 3 shots except for sore arm. :)


I took my booster at week 15! The gynae suggested to take it once I head into my second tri. Took pfizer for all 3 jabs & didn't have much of a side effect except for a sore arm & some minor body aches. Just remember to drink plenty of water :)

i took my booster when i was 4 weeks pregnant but not knowing i was. checked with 2 gynaes and they said it was fine. thank god baby was fine too. had a fever for a day and sore arm.

my gynae recommended anytime after 12 weeks. so just had mine yesterday. so far only a very sore arm!