Resting during confinement

Can mums with confinement nanny/help from mum or MIL please share your daily schedule during confinement? In particular I'm keen to know when are the parts of the day you get to really rest. Do you get to clock 6 to 8 hours of sleep in between breastfeeding/pumping sessions? Thanks in advance !!! #confinement

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I was having postpatrum blues and high bp so gyane advice me to get plenty of rest. My hubby took one month leave from work to help out during my confinement. Night duties was done by my hub and mil. I just concentrate on rest and pumping. As for the day, me and hub will take care of baby while my mil went back home to rest. Meal wise, we booked confinement meals from tianwei to save the hassle.

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with or without help, every 2-3hrs needs to feed or pump. will only able to have longer nap if feed baby formula