Insulin during pregnancy

Hello, any mums or mums-to-be has or is under insulin for high GDM readings? Able to share how was the insulin journey and also coping with GDM? Also those that has given birth prior to GDM, any side defects on either mum or baby because of insulin? This is my first pregnancy and was diagnosed with GDM at 28 weeks (now almost 32 weeks) started insulin 1 week ago and heard different stories about insulin, which then doctor/nurses repeated assure that it doesn't affect baby... #1stimemom #advicepls

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i started insulin in my first trimester up till now. i actually didnt want to because of my fear of needles and asked them to just increased the dosage for my metformin but they kept emphasizing that insulin is way better as it does not affect baby compared to metformin which was taken orally. i still have to do both to get a good reading. walk more and eat less or no carbs at all if you want to maintain your reading. focus on vegetables and meat instead. no milo or sandwiches at all. my insulin journey even up to this day im dreading it because i hate poking myself 4 times a day before i eat and before i sleep but you will see a difference in your sugar readings if you follow religiously.

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don't worry too much..u and your baby should be okay. I was given insulin for a couple of days as I was also diagnosed with high diabetes during my pregnancy but after given birth, my lo is healthy and strong 😅

Hi. I am on insulin during pregnancy. I was diagnosed at 16 weeks. Baby born at 37th plus 2. She is healthy. And my GD goes away.